Schedule in effect 01st October 2019

Please Note: Schedules are subject to change without prior notice

Duration of Trips between:

Mahe and Praslin: 1 hour

Mahe and La Digue via Praslin: 1 hour 30 minutes

Mahe and La Digue direct: 1 hour 10 minutes

Praslin and La Digue: 15 minutes

La Digue to Mahe0700*,1230*0815*0700*,1230*0700*0800,1230*0815*,1415*0700*,1415*
La Digue to Praslin0700,123008150700,1230070012300815,1200,14150700,1415
Mahe to La Digue1030*,1630*1630*1030*,1630*1630*1000*,17000730*,1130*,1630*0900*,1630*
Mahe to Praslin0730,1030,16300730,1030,16300730,1030,16300730,1030,16300730,1000,16300730,1130,16300900.1100,1630
Praslin to La Digue1145,174517451145,1745174511150845,1245,17451015,1745
Praslin to Mahe0730,1330,18000900,1330,18000730,1330,17300730,1330,17300900,1300,18000900,1500,18000730,1500,1800

Note: Trips marked by an asterisk * have a stopping over at Praslin Jetty ( Baie Ste Anne )