1.1 Damage to persons: The carrier’s liability is limited to the extent of the governing laws of Seychelles and any International Conventions ratified by the Government of Seychelles.

1.2 Payment:   Full payment is due at the time of booking confirmation, unless you are eligible for credit facilities. Payment methods include:

a) Online: major credit or debit cards,
b) Over the counter: major credit or debit cards, cash and cheques.

Payment fees may apply to certain payment methods.

1.3 Cancellation: Tickets issued on standard rate may be cancelled 3 hours before departure subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

1.3.1 Tickets cancelled beyond the time limit or upon boarding will lose their validity. Tickets cancelled less than 3 hours prior to departure shall be non-refundable. However, the passenger at the discretion of IIB may have the option to purchase a new ticket at a discounted price.

1.4 Refund: If entitled to a reimbursement:

1.4.1 Tickets paid by credit card on the website can be reimbursed to the credit card which was used for purchase.

1.4.2 Tickets paid by cheque will be reimbursed by bank transfer within 10 working days.

1.4.3 Tickets paid in cash will be refunded, once a refund is approved.

All refunds are subjected to Management approval.

1.5 Modifications

With the exception of Special priced tickets including all promotions and Early Bird offers, tickets can be changed only once, up to three hours from the actual departure time at a fee of 25 SCR per ticket.  Tickets are non-transferable.

1.6 Lost tickets

In cases of Loss or theft, the purchase of a new ticket is required if the carrier is not notified at least 3 hours prior to departure.  In the event that such notification is received by the carrier within the stipulated time, the passenger will be required to produce a Police report in order to obtain a refund.  This is subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

1.7 Upon boarding, the passenger must present:

  • Identification – ID Card
  • Valid Ticket for the trip

1.8 Boarding rules:

The passenger must be present for boarding half an hour before departure time as stipulated on the ticket.

1.9 Controls:

At any time, in ports or on board, identity checks, tickets and documents checks can be made. Valid supporting documents must be made available at all times during the travel.

1.10 Passenger health status:

Special health condition must be declared at the time of booking. The company reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers who require medical assistance when travelling unaccompanied by doctors, nurses or any other medically qualified person.

The Duty Captain and any other crew reserves the right to deny boarding to anyone with a physical or mental condition, and or appearing to be under the influence of drugs, hallucinogenic, or alcohol. Passengers boarding the vessel under the above conditions, shall be held responsible for damage to his/her own person, the hull, equipment, injuries to third parties and property.

1.11 State of health of passengers – Pregnant women

It is the responsibility of all pregnant women to advise Inter-Island Boats Ltd of their conditions at the time of booking. In the absence of a medical certificate attesting to fitness to travel for pregnant women over 24 weeks and above, the Duty Captain and crew reserves the right to refuse passage to any pregnant passenger.

Pregnant passengers boarding the vessel do so completely at their own risk. By boarding the vessel the pregnant person assumes all the risks and liabilities which may arise from her condition. A disclaimer has to be signed by the passenger.

1.12 Passengers with reduced mobility

Passenger with reduced mobility, should present themselves well before the start of operations for priority boarding.

1.13 Responsibility and specific obligations of the passenger

Disclaimer: The passenger shall be held liable for any damage caused (by him/her or any person in his/her custody), to the ship, its facilities and amenities, other passengers, staff and third parties.

Minors: Children under 16 should be accompanied and supervised at all times. Inter-Island Boats Ltd does not sell tickets to unaccompanied minors. The carrier will not be liable for any injuries sustained by a minor. Inter-Island Boats does not sell tickets to unaccompanied children under 16 years old.

1.14 Weapons: It is forbidden for passengers to board firearms, bladed weapons, ammunition, explosives, fuel or other flammable substances without the written permission of the carrier and the legal authorities.

1.15 Baggage unlawful detention: The passenger who holds in his luggage or introduces onboard illegal objects or contraband substances will be liable for damages, fines or penalties arising.

1.16 Responsibility and rights of the carrier

1.16.1 Changes or cancellations of departures for vessels: Inter-Island Boats reserves the right to cancel trips or change trips to other timings on the schedule. Under such circumstances you will be required to inform the office as to whether you would prefer an alternative trip or a refund of your ticket. By purchasing the ticket, you further agree not to make any claims for damages or consequential losses that may arise.

The carrier shall not be liable for loss or damage in respect of changes and cancellation of departure of vessels in cases of but not limited to:

  • storm
  • Shipwreck
  • Collision
  • Route change
  • Fire
  • Acts of war
  • Piracy
  • Riots
  • Mutiny
  • Force majeure

1.16.2 Either on land or at sea. The carrier reserves the right not to undertake crossings under bad weather conditions that may cause a threat to navigation safety and cause discomfort to passengers. Passengers will be refunded for the full fare under such circumstances.  Provided that the passenger is refunded the full fare the passenger waives all its rights to sue the carrier for any other losses the passenger may have incurred.

1.17 Valuable objects: The carrier is not responsible for theft, loss, possible damage of valuables, money, documents, manuscripts, and any other items kept in luggage.

1.18 Hand luggage should remain in the exclusive custody of the passenger.  In any event, the amount of the lump sum compensation for negligence of the company will be determined as per insurance advise.

1.19 Checked in Luggage should be formally registered at the Cargo Department with a formal receipt of payment.  Any claims for damages should be accompanied by a luggage receipt.  In the absence of a receipt the claim will be considered null and void.  The company will not be held responsible for any damage to the luggage itself such as, wheels and hand set.

1.20 Complaints: Any complaints or damage of any kind should be reported immediately to the Duty Captain.  This report must be documented by the Duty Captain and countersigned by the passenger.  This does not mean acceptance of responsibility and or recognition of any kind by the carrier.  Claims not accompanied by this damage report will not be accepted or considered by the carrier.

1.21 Online Booking

1.21.1 Booking and Reservations: The online booking is a secured procedure, with real time pricing and seats availability Information.

The prices displayed upon request are guaranteed throughout the duration of the user’s login session to the site www.catcocos.com

The booking is confirmed upon successful acceptance of credit card payment.

An itinerary with booking details is automatically displayed and sent to the email address provided upon booking.

1.21.2  A receipt will also be provided as proof of payment. Online bookings carries no booking fees.

1.21.3  Method of payment – Bank Transaction: Accepted payment methods are: credit card ( VISA, EUROCARD and MASTERCARD).  The payment transaction is carried out at the time of ticket purchase. The financial partner of Inter Island Boat (IBB) is Barclays Bank Seychelles.

1.21.4 NO SMOKING (see legislation)

Smoking is not permitted within any passenger area onboard the carrier.

1.21.5 Claims   For any claims or compensation the passenger may contact the company’s customer service:



PO BOX 356





E-MAIL: info@catcocos.com

1.22 Clients who miss the LaDigue/Mahe or Mahe/La Digue trip will only be able to use their ticket on the Praslin/Mahe or Mahe/Praslin leg only. Alternative transfers between Praslin & La Digue will have to be settled by clients directly with the respective operator.

1.23 Delays

On occasion, delaying or canceling a trip is the only way we can maintain our high safety standards. In these challenging situations, simply knowing more about your options is an important step toward getting your travel plans back on track.

When complications such as inclement weather, Port Authority problems or technical issues arise, our concern for your safety will always outweigh the desire to remain on schedule.

1.2.4 Accidents on board or on the Jetty

Clients will be assisted by the crew and if the ferry is still alongside, clients may be asked to see a doctor and if they refuse a disclaimer form will have to be filled and signed by the passenger.